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222 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109


phone: 206 382 1600
fax: 206 382 1615


Pick-Up & Drop-Off Hours
Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm (except Holidays)
Sat & Sun: 8am - 5pm (and Holidays)

Voted Best Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility in Seattle

We Are A Proud Member of the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce

Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding in Seattle

A Canine Social Club with a Heart

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The Barking Lounge is Voted Best Dog Daycare in Western Washington 2016 AND 2017 The Barking Lounge is Voted Small Business of the Year Award for 2017 The Barking Lounge is Voted Best Dog Boarding in Western Washington 2017

The Barking Lounge® provides dogs with supervised dog daycare and dog boarding 24-hours a day, and a portion of all of our proceeds goes to support our Foster & Adoption Program. We offer a safe, secure, and fun environment in which your pooch will interact, learn and play with other dogs under the close supervision of our trained Dog Wranglers and Staff. We give personalized care and attention to each of our canine guests, all the while making sure that the "pack" remains safe and positive.

For fourteen years, The Barking Lounge® has been dedicated to one thing only...providing the best possible dog playcare and overnight boarding services in Seattle...period. This focus on excellence has resulted in our being voted the Best Dog Daycare in Seattle & Western Washington in 2016 AND 2017, and the Best Dog Boarding provider in Seattle & Western Washington in 2017!

Since we opened our doors in 2004, a lot of other dog care providers have popped up, and many have disappeared too. What sets us apart from this pack are our priorities. We are laser-focused on excellence in our quality of care and service and on being the best. And we are NOT focused on being the biggest facility or having the most locations, because bigger does not mean better when it comes to providing personalized care for your pooch.

Our Dog Daycare Services

Life is busy and challenging, and sometimes your pooch gets the short end of the stick. Our dog playcare services are here to help!

As our guest, your pooch will spend the day playing with its peers in a safe, secure, supervised indoor play park! You can check in on your pooch throughout the day by viewing our webcams, where you will see your dog making new friends and socializing with the rest of our pack. Our highly trained wranglers monitor the play throughout the day, and after your long day at work, you can pick your dog up from us knowing that your pooch will be tuckered out from a day of pure fun. So now you can go to work guilt free!

To learn more, click here → Pooch Playcare at The Barking Lounge®

Our Dog Boarding Services

Travel happens, and you can't always take your pooch along with you. And that's where our overnight dog services come in!

What could be better than letting your dog have a staycation at The Barking Lounge! During the day your dog will get to play in our supervised playcare where you can watch them frolick with new friends on our webcams. After an active and fun-filled day, your pooch will relax in one of our private dog suites and be served their chow! They will also get a bit of supervised outdoor time both in the morning and evening. So now you can travel guilt free!

To learn more, click here → Sleepovers at The Barking Lounge®

Our Dog Grooming Services

Dogs will be dogs, and sometimes they will even smell like dogs...or whatever they decided to roll in that day. Our dog bathing services are here to help! Our trained groomers will pamper your pooch like a day at the "sPaw", and your pooch will come home clean as a dog whistle and fresh as a mint!

In addition to dog baths, we also offer FURminators, nail trims & Dremels, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and more.

To learn more, click here → Dog Baths & Nail Trims at The Barking Lounge®

Convenient South Lake Union Location with Lots of Free Parking in back

Proudly Serving South Lake Union Since 2004

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